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BCN Sants Sports Club

A special design for the BCN Sants Sports Club, a Handball team based in Barcelona. The composition aims to represent both the team's values and also some architectural landmarks of Barcelona's Sants neighborhood, such as the National Palace or the District's local Town Hall.
Despite being conceived to fit into a 33 cl plastic cup, the design may also be used for t-shirts and other items in the future.

Design Process

1. First pencil sketches on graph paper, as a way to get used to the dimensions. Main concepts came up in this step.

2. First pencil sketches on tracing paper. Main lines and shapes came up in this step.

3. Final pencil drawing on tracing paper, before switching to ink.

4. Final ink drawing, which I later scanned and corrected.


You will find more pictures in my instagram account.

Year: spring 2022

Client: BCN Sants Sports Club

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Size: 33 cl (5x11 cm)

Material: ink / PC

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