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Festa Major de Gràcia 2022

My proposal for the 29th edition of the Festa Major de Gràcia poster competition. After a long brainstorming, I decided to go with a geometrical composition that highlighted the main characteristics of the festival: the strong neighboors community, the famous street decorations and the party's nightly atmosphere.

All these elements were finally merged into a "cosmic" ambience that unified and framed the whole scene. The proposal was not pre-selected among the top ones. 

Design Process

1. Using the proper tools, I made an accurate geometrical base. At some point I also decided to change the main title typography.
2. I made the first sketches directly on the base, before switching to tracing paper. 
3. First drawings on tracing paper. In parallel, I also began sketching some local folklore elements, such as the green dragon and famous daemon Atzeries. 
4. Last pencil drawing on tracing paper: main details of the final scene came up in this step.

5. Final ink drawing, which I later scanned, corrected and painted using my PC. 


You will find more pictures in my instagram account.

Year: spring 2022 

Location: Gràcia (Barcelona, Spain)

Size: 315 x 350 mm

Material: ink / PC

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