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Kon Tako

Kon Tako is a modular piece of furniture designed by NiV, an architecture firm based in Lleida. Starting from the original sketches by Jaume Nadal, I designed the assembling instructions in a vintage style that highlights its japanese inspiration. Also, I used a three-color scheme as a way to explain the differences between the piece's many elements. The whole composition is designed to be printed in a 50x50 cm format.

Design Process

1. Some pictures and original sketches by the designer.

2. Starting from those skecthes, I did some preliminary ink drawings in order to have an idea of what the final result might look like.

3. Pencil drawings on tracing paper. In this step, I first drew the vignettes in their final print size. I also gave them a more precise geometry before switching to ink.

4. Some elements, such as the main axonometries, needed more than one step. 
5. Once drawn in ink and scanned into my PC, I decided to use a three color scheme in order to: first, highlight the white structure over a shiny color background; second, show the differences between the different pieces and their function within the whole design. 
6. Last, I tried the final composition in different color schemes. 


You will find more pictures in my instagram account.

Authors: Furniture Design, idea and original sketches by Jaume Nadal / final drawings, color scheme & vintage layout by Alberto Sancho Montagut.

Year: spring 2022

Client: NiV arquitectura

Location: Barcelona / Lleida

Size: 50x50 cm

Material: ink + PC

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