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Guzzi V7 III under a Meteor Shower

The present commission was a birthday gift from a father to his biker son. He asked me to draw an ink scene that would integrate his motorbike -a Guzzi V7 III- in a fanciful landscape with my personal touch.

Design Process


1. Given an original picture, I changed the sizes of some elements and also deleted a few. In the new layout, some of these items gained more relevance and the whole scene was more clear.

2. First pencil sketches on tracing paper. In this step, I identified the main lines of the motorbike and also started shaping the landscape. 
3First ink sketches. Some elements, such as the clouds, needed more than one step before I was completely convinced.
4. 2nd ink skecth, with the clouds finally integrated in the scene. Before going with the final drawing, I used my PC to see which areas would look better if filled with black.


You will find more pictures in my instagram account.

Year: spring 2022

Client: private

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Size: A4 (210 x 297 mm)

Material: ink on paper

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