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Two Hearts

This work is a nonprofit project, a gift I made for a relative who wanted to customize an old pair of sneakers. 

She asked me to include a winged heart in the design, and I thought of it as the starting point from which I could create a dual, dialectical and symmetric scheme: a heart of good and a heart of evil, red and purple; grass and waves, green and blue; left and right. 

For both the figures' style and the color palette, I got inspiration from the retro videogames universe and tattoo culture.  

Design process

1. Using a proper template and some colored pencils, I first drew the whole design. In this step, I decided some important aspects such as proportions or the color palette. 
2. Step by step, first by pencil and then with ink pens, I moved my design from paper into the sneakers. Finally, I colored them using special fabric markers.
3. Some parts of the sneakers, such as the toes and the back, needed some special attention. Also, elements such as the waves and grass required more than one layer of color. In the end, I think I managed to give them some sensation of depth and leafiness. 
4. Some detail pictures of the front and back. In these, you can appreciate the many layers of color that I needed in order to create the textures. 
5. Ready to use. 


You will find more pictures in my instagram account.

Year: summer 2022

Client: private (personal gift)

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Size: approx. 9 (width) x 25 (length) cm 

Material: special markers on white fabric

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