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In addition to the articles in the shop, I also accept a wide range of art commissions. In the following page, you will find a list of examples and their prices, ranked from least to most expensive. Also, you can have a look at my works index in order to have a wider look at all the commissions and projects I have done so far.

If you are ready and convinced about it, you just need to contact me. As a general rule, all works should be ordered at least one month in advance. Thanks to this, I will have the necessary time to carry out the work comfortably and with an optimal result.

All prices are in € (euro). All works will require a deposit of at least a 20% of the total price. All prices include taxes (21% VAT), but not shipping costs.

1. Custom made collage - from 50 €

An original collage made with pieces from magazines and newspapers, assembled on a 5 mm thick cardboard base.

Size: up to 20x20 cm. Take a look at the collage works I have done in 2020-2021.

2. Custom made ink drawing - from 60 €

A black and white drawing on the desired topic. It can be a portrait of a pet, your house or, why not, your motorbike surrounded by a fantastic atmosphere. 

- 21x30 cm or A4 / 205 g/m²: 60 €

- 30x40 cm or A3 / 205 g/m²: 90 €

- 50x70 cm or A1 / 205 g/m²: 130 €

3. Custom design for printing on products - from 60 €

Unique designs for private clients or organizations such as sports teams. The client will receive a digital file (png, 300-600 dpi), ready to be printed on the desired object: a cup, a mug, a t-shirt... 

Starting price: 60 €. The price might be higher depending on the printing surface of the desired product.

This price does not include any final printed product or the printing / stamping procedures. If you also wish me to take care of these, the price will be higher.

4. Collaboration in architecture or design projects - from 70 €

Assembling instructions, project perspectives or axonometric drawings in my personal style. You can see an example here

5. Custom made poster - from 190 €

A themed poster on the desired topic, in my vintage Ligne Claire style. You will be given both a physical print and a digital file (jpg, 600 dpi) that can be printed as many times as needed. See examples here.

Size: 50x70 cm | Background color: white, beige or cream | Figures and vignettes in full color. 

Price: 190 €. This figure includes the full digital file and up to 3 prints in 189g/m² paper. It doesn't include additional prints. 

6. Indoor mural - from 400 €

A unique wall mural on the desired topic, painted 100% with acrylic paintings. 

The starting price of a wall mural, including all material, will be 400 €. Beyond that, each square meter (m²) will have an additional cost of 180 €

For example, a mural in a wall sized 3,00 m of width per 2,70 m of height (8,10 m²), will have a total price of 1.620 € (180x8,10). If you only wish to paint a 1,50 m² corner, the total price will stick to 400 euros, even though 180x1,50 = 270.  

You will find more information here.

Important: a mural wall usually needs at least one week of work, 10 or 12 hours a day.