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Nativitas Dinosaurum

Nativitas Dinosaurum (Birth of a Dinosaur) was my first mural. The work was part of a full renovation project of a private flat in Barcelona, and placed in the future room of a newborn child.

The client had in mind a dinosaur-themed mural with a blank background.What I did was, basically, making up a composition with figures that I had already used in the Dinosaurs Poster. I also added some special details, such as the bushes in the lower corners, as a way to properly fit the scene within the wall. 

In order to transfer my design to a 2,7 meter high wall, I helped myself with a pencil grid, carefully pointing the position and sizes of elements such as the black plugs or the white socle.

In this new context, I had to adapt my style to a new technique too: not only I changed the original colors for brigthter ones, but also I replaced the black contours for color ones. This way, the contrast between the filling colors and the perimeter is softer, and more suitable for a childrens room.
Painting the corners was probably the most difficult and challenging of all. Not only for their position, but also for the need of recreating a subtle sensation of lushness and depth.
In these pictures you can see the full creation process of the room's right corner, from sketching to painting.
You will find more pictures in my instagram account.

Year: fall 2021

Client: private

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Size: 315 cm (wide) x 270 cm (high)

Material: 100% acrylic painting