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Works index

Competitions, commissions and personal projects

2010s: Early projects [link]

- 2016-2017: winning design of the UPC folder competition (Barcelona)

- 2018: Ex- Libris stamp 

- 2019: Poster for the Language Café at Jönköping University (Sweden)

- 2020: Illustrations for my Architecture Graduation project (ETSAB - Barcelona)

- 2020: Catalan Folklore coloring pages for the Colla Gegantera del Barri de Sant Josep (commission)



- Wall mural Nativitas Dinosaurum [link]


- Cup design for the BCN Sants Sports Club [link]

- Poster proposal for the Festa Major de Gràcia [link]

- Guzzi V7 III under a Meteor Shower [link]

- Assembling Instructions for Kon Tako [link] 

- Two Hearts: customized sneakers [link]

Other non-professional work

- 1990s - 2010s | Youth Archives: some works of my childhood and early years.

- 2020- | Sketchbook: drawings and sketches I do in my free time.

- 2020- | Collage: christmas postcards and personal gifts.